About Us


When you walk into Ink Couture NYC, you’ll notice a Moto-Guzzi motorcycle standing between the artist stations on the right side of the parlor. Moto-Guzzi made only 400 of this particular model for the world, and we own number 337. Just like how rare and classic this model is, Ink Couture NYC is nothing like the generic tattoo parlors throughout New York City. We are a rarity among the thousands of tattoo parlors. Our experienced tattoo artists will produce amazing quality tattoos that stand out among the tattoo crowd.

Owned and founded by Frank Russo, a businessman with an extreme passion for tattoos, Ink Couture NYC is filled with an array of talented artists ready to accommodate you for walk-ins or you can make an appointment.

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Tatoo Recomendation - SINY

Awesome place! Awesome people! Amazing work! Thank you guys!!!



I love my tattoos more today than I did yesterday!! Thanks Johnny for being so great! My sisters and I made great memories and we cannot thank everyone at Ink Couture enough. You made it perfect! Can't wait to come back with my other sister for hers!



Boss Frank Russo & Entire Staff make you feel so welcome & Have Patients with all Customers above all shop is so Much More classier than any Tatoo parlor I have ever seen or been at & Most immaculate, clean tatoo pallor ever seen!!! I have also seen the patients they have with people who are not 100percent sure what they want there Tatoo to look like they don't give up until each person is 100percent Happy ! If there was a rating 1-10 @ Ink Couture NYC, it would be a 10plus ;) Same rating for ALL workers & Tatoo Artist 10plus! I am Proud to say I had my Tatoo work done there !!