Body Piercing

Ink Couture NYC body piercers only need one shot to get it right. We won’t need a second chance because you won’t want to go through the procedure again. We know time heals all wounds, but no one has the time for that.

Clean, sterile, experienced and safe – these are the words that represent our piercing facilities and piercers, upheld within Ink Couture NYC.

The chance for infection from a piercing is likely higher than an infection from a tattoo, so we use piercing grade metal to minimize that risk because your safety is utmost important to us as it represents the cleanliness and professionalism of our piercers. But as always, we will call you as a follow-up to ensure that everything is smooth and you are happy with your piercing.

If you need privacy for your piercing needs, we offer a private VIP room where you can get your piercing anywhere you like. Don’t be shy, just come into Ink Couture NYC, whisper to us where you want that piercing, and our staff of piercers will get the job done.


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