They save our homes from blazing fire. They keep our streets clean and sanitary. They save the lives of our family and friends. They ensure law and justice is spread through the city. They fight the fight that many would run away from. When called upon, they are there. They are the New York Police Department, the Fire Department of New York, the City of New York Department of Sanitation, the Department of Education (Board of Ed), the military and veterans, the City of New York Department of Corrections, New York City of Transit Authority, Emergency Medical Technicians, New York City Housing Authority, PAPD, DSNY, Court Officers, Emergency Medical Services, 911 First Responders and the Port Authority Police Department. In short, this program applies to all current and retired employees of civil service agencies in New York City, New York State, and New Jersey.


With great gratitude for the necessary services these men and women provide for society, we at Ink Couture NYC have rolled out the LIFETIME PROGRAM. The Lifetime Program provides a 25% discount on tattoos for all members of the groups and organizations mentioned above and this special discount is GOOD FOR LIFE because the jobs that these men and women carry out is a lifetime commitment to ensuring a better society. As Staten Island’s best tattoo parlor, we also strive to be the best at giving back to the community that has given us so much. This Lifetime Program is one of many ways to give back to our community.

We give thanks to the NYPD, FDNY, DSNY, MTA, NYCTA, NYCHA, DEP, DOE, PAPD, EMT, EMS, Court Officers, DOT, 911 Responders, the Military and Veterans, and the NYC Dept of Corrections. For more information about the Lifetime Program or if you have questions, please contact us (718) 966-1600 or drop us a note at


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