How to Pick the Right Tattoo Shop (Because Laser Tattoo Removal HURTS)

Your moment has finally arrived. After days, weeks, months, but preferably years of consultation, imagination and self-assurance, you are ready for that tattoo. You have it crisp in your mind like an apple pie right out of the oven. But now you have another obstacle before you: how do you choose the right tattoo shop? There are over a dozen Staten Island tattoo shops and hundreds more in the other four boroughs of New York City. Like damn, all that time spent thinking up the right tattoo and now, more time needed to find the right shop. Finding the right tattoo shop is equally important to knowing the right tattoo. As Eminem said, “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo.” Ah…not really since you can always do a laser tattoo removal, but it’ll hurt and may leave your skin looking wacky. Just get it right the first time and save yourself time and Benjamins.

There are two important factors that should spring in your mind faster than you would jump when a huge spider is next to your barefoot: cleanliness and professionalism. You have to keep in mind that a fresh tattoo, as cool as it looks, is like an open wound. And like any open wound, it invites air-borne bacteria that can potentially cause infection. So when you’re browsing the web or visiting the physical locations, pay attention to the feel and look of the shop. Don’t ask the front desk (if the shop even has one), the owner, or the tattoo artist if the shop is clean because in the midst of competition, they’ll answer in whatever way that’ll get your business, honest or not. You should be able to tell for yourself if the shop is clean or not. Trust your instincts, but if you can’t do that, then consult your most trusted friend and ask for their opinion.

All that time spent finding the right tattoo means you don’t want a tattoo, you want THE tattoo. The best way to go about “THE tattoo”  is to get it from THE tattoo artist. Every tattoo artist can probably get the job done, but certain artists have an exceptional talent in certain styles of tattooing. Ask the tattoo artists for samples of their past work and have an internal debate with yourself if that tattoo artist has the goods. If you can’t trust yourself, then you owe your trusted friend big time because you’ll need their opinion, again.

Once you’ve found the tattoo shop that has both important factors, cleanliness and professionalism, then you are well on your way to finally getting that tattoo. Good luck with the research and have fun during the tattooing process!

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