In a World with So Many Tattoo Styles, Here’s Your Guide

  • Tattoo Styles
    December 6, 2013

Old School / Traditional
This style of tattoo is very western by design. The themes used for this style are usually military related: eagles, hearts, banners, anchors, etc.

New School
New School is a new school of style that emphasizes on freestyle. This style uses custom artwork, unique patterns, and fresh ideas. Think avant-garde.

Black and Gray, the “Gray Wash”
The “Gray Wash” style uses the grayscale color palette and various needle sizes in order to create contrasting colors and casted shadows, which produces a highly detailed tattoo. This style works well for portrait tattoos.

Tribal or Ancient
Tribal or Ancient styles of tattooing are designs that precede colonial times. Think thousands of years ago, in cultures such as African, Egyptian, Incan, Aztecan, or Polynesian. This style normally utilizes very flat and black line works and patterns.

The biomechanical style combines the human and the machine. Think working gears in conjunction to body parts. This style can be eerie for some and fascinating for others.

Traditional Japanese
The traditional Japanese style of tattoos are rich in color and intricate designs and have a deep history. The style can be done in full color or in black and gray.

The lettering style is simple, but can hold great meaning for certain individuals. This style uses different fonts and sizes to ink quotes, phrases, and words. The choice of font is nearly limitless.

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