Permanent Makeup

Ink Couture NYC offers three kinds of permanent makeup services


Ink Couture NYC’s goal with permanent eyebrows is to add volume to the arch of your eyebrows because the arch is an essential part that’ll give life to your cheekbones. And that in turn will create a youthful look as the eyebrows is the “power feature” of the face.


The eyes have an astounding ability to say so much without ever saying a word. We always engage another with our eyes; we communicate without words and captivate with subtle gestures. At Ink Couture NYC, we can lift and lengthen the shape of your eyes and/or make them appear larger and more animated. Permanent eyeliner provides a beautiful frame of color that gives the eyes a vibrant sparkle. And most importantly, permanent eyeliner will stay where regular over-the-counter makeup can’t go – right between the lashes. Our lash enhancement places pigment gently between the lashes that will provide a truly breath-taking frame that softly surrounds the eyes.

Lip Color and Lip Reshaping

As women age, their lips tend to appear smaller. Our permanent lip coloring and reshaping will reverse that by adding definition to the lips and touch up irregularities. Some women have noticed extremely youthful and dramatically fuller lips after using our lip color and reshape service.

Our permanent makeup services guarantees a life-time warranty for touch ups. Just pay once for the permanent makeup of your choice and never pay again for touch ups!

** We offer a moderate pain free numbing process for certain permanent makeup procedures, to avoid pain. To inquire about this please speak to a representative at Ink Couture to further assist you with any questions.**

Our Work

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