Piercing after care instructions:

Most piercings will bleed at first but this should stop within a few minutes to an hour. Gentle pressure on or around the pierced site will slow the bleeding. Remember, all pierced regions will tend to swell immediately after treatment.

Wash and treat: It is critical that you take care of your piercing. If the pierced region is not taken care of, this can lead into infections.  Wash your piercing(s) two to three times a day with antibacterial soap and warm water. Depending on where the piercing is, rotate it so it can be washed thoroughly. At Ink Couture we sell the best aftercare product tending to our clients needs.  Natures pure defense piercing aftercare is what we recommend to apply onto the piercing(s) at least 2-3 times a day to keep it hydrated. This product has not only reduced the chances of keloids appearing but it also keeps your piercing(s) hydrated. Nature’s Pure Defense is the nations fastest growing sterile piercing aftercare. It is the ideal natural pH level for maximum skin and wound benefit.

Tips and tidbits:

  • If the jewelry becomes to tight because of swelling, please see your body piercer right away.
  • Avoid scratching, touching or picking of the new piercing to reduce the risk of bacteria getting into it from your hands. ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE TOUCHING YOUR PIERCING.
  • Avoid applying hot cleaning solutions, or hot water. ONLY use warm water.
  • If possible, shower rather than bathe while the piercing is healing so that unnecessary water submersion is avoided.
  • Pat the pierced area dry. Avoid being rough, as this can snag out the piercing from your body.
  • Try to wear loose, saggy clothing to minimize rubbing and irritation to the newly pierced site.

Healing time frames:

*For body piercing, expected healing times vary from person to person. Individuals healing abilities vary. The healing time is the time required for the jewelry “tunnel” to become dry and healed after the initial tissue damage.*

Ear lobe : 6-8 weeks

Eyebrow: 6-8 weeks

Septum: 6-8 weeks

Ear ( cartilage) : 2 months to 1 year

Tongue: 4-8 weeks

lips: 6-12 weeks

Cheeks: 6-12 weeks

Genital ( male/ female): 4-12 weeks

Nipple: 2 -6 months

Navel: 4 months to a year.

** Chewing gum should be avoided while oral piercings are healing. Newly pierced tongue regions can be gently cleansed with a clean, soft toothbrush and toothpaste. Mouth wash should be used twice daily after tongue piercings and most importantly after eating, drinking, and smoking**

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