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Brooklyn Payne

Brooklyn Payne is an award winning tattoo artist with over 20 years of experience, and if you've seen his realistic, portrait style tattoos, you know that his work speaks for itself. One thing that really stands out about Brooklyn is his persistent drive to be perpetually honing his craft and perfecting his art. As a traveling artist, Brooklyn is constantly all over the map, so it was an honor for us that he was able to take some time out of his busy schedule and answer a few questions. My name is Brooklyn Payne, I have been tattooing full time since '91. When not tattooing I enjoy oil painting, airbrushing…I've designed album covers and logos. I do commissioned portraits in pencil or colored pencil. I can even do set design and fx-makeup. Basically anything related to art, I'm into. I grew up all over the east coast, from Florida to New York, I moved around a lot but eventually landed in Allentown when I was 16. I've lived other places but I always return to the Lehigh Valley as my home base…at least until I can get out to LA and live out the rest of my days in the sun. I've really been into art since kindergarten. I was inspired by an older relative. I remember not being allowed in her room, but from her doorway I'd see her painting on black velvet - I never really paid much attention but one day I noticed the painting had 2 horse heads on it. It totally blew my mind, I was like 'how did she do that?!?' From that point on all I wanted was to draw. (Looking back, I realize now that it was paint by number!) In kindergarten I once drew this winter scene in chalk. My teacher saw it and felt my skill was at a 3rd grade level, so she called the local newspaper about it and they put me on the front page. It really gave me the boost to do bigger and better. I knew I wanted to pursue tattooing, even as a kid. My dad had tattoos, I was always doing art…once I realized that this art was permanent, I was in. I hope that people in general know to go to reputable artists who use good, sterile equipment. Tattooing has become more accepted over the years, so more people are doing it. Thanks to the popularity of tattoos on television, shops are popping up all over the place - but that doesn't necessarily mean it's of a professional caliber. Again, do your research, check for good line work, good gradient shading - smooth not choppy - the quality of the color saturation…If the skill isn't there, move on. It's not a popularity contest - just cause you like someone doesn't mean they're doing good work.

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This tattoo artist won an award for his beard at the Steampunk World Fair, and Amy Nicoletto royally dubbed his beard, "Catfish." The owner of Catfish is none other than Syxx. Syxx, with his vaporizer in hand, has more than twenty five years of professional tattooing experience. He specializes in black and grey and bold color. When he's not tattooing, he's a professional magician known as Sinister Mr. Syxx. Along with his brother, SeVen, the duo are called the Inkllussionist (it's one word) and they perform stage magic, such as making girls disappear, at all the tattoo conventions and horror conventions they attend.

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SeVen calls himself "painfully straight edge" because his role model, Houdini, never did any drugs or drank alcohol. Now that's one hell of a role model for anyone. SeVen had his foot in the tattoo world at 16 when he was offered to work at a tattoo parlor. By 17, he started to learn art of piercing. And by 20, he was entirely immersed in the tattoo world as he learned to tattoo professionally. Since his childhood years, Seven has been fascinated with magic. His fascination with magic paved him a path to becoming Diabolical Dr. SeVen, a professional magician and knife thrower. Along with his brother, Syxx, the duo perform stage magic thirty weeks a year, mesmerizing the audience with new ideas on magic.

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Jayvo Scott

There isn't a day that goes by in which someone doesn't ask me why. Why do you have all those tattoos? Why do you wear nail polish? Why do you listen to Broadway show tunes? Why is pink your favorite color? Well, my answer is always the same... Why Not? BE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT!! Since the age of twelve I was in my father’s tattoo shop helping out. From sweeping the floor to making tattoo needles and everything in between, although I didn't start tattooing till the age of 23. My father has always been an artist as well as my biggest inspiration . He is responsible for teaching me and bringing me into the tattoo industry. When I am not at the shop you can find me at tattoo conventions all over the country and even sometimes international. Please feel free to contact me any time! My parents have had many businesses including beauty salons, restaurants, and bars in addition to the tattoo shop, and I have always worked at all of them. So when I started tattooing I was only able to do so on Saturdays for a little over eleven years. Since then I have been able to step away from the other businesses and focus all of my attention to tattooing for the last year and a half. Doing the convention circuit, meeting new people, and making new friends has helped me grow as an artist and continue to push myself to be better every day. Tattooing full time is amazing and I am very fortunate to be able to create art for a living. Color tattoos are what I specialize in and love to do. Please take a look through my work and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. As a child I always loved to perform and do so till this day. I started out on stage doing classic and music theater throughout my teenage years. As of about three years ago I have broke into film and television acting with success. From independent films and public service announcements to network television and music videos, acting is a passion of mine that brings me great joy. I am grateful to say that I have attended film festivals such as the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival (MIFF) and the Sundance Film Festival and have gotten recognition for my work, as well as having appeared on major television network shows such as FOX's "The Finder" and one of USA Networks newest shows "Complications” INKMASTER SEASON 5 CONTESTANT

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Pete Carreno

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