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We pride ourselves on our state of the art tattoo parlor and the professional, personalized experience provided to each guest.

Staten Island Tattoo Parlor- Ink Couture NYC - VIP Rooms


Private rooms are available for guests who are getting tattoos in a sensitive area or parents who need to bring their kids.

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Our artists have been recruited from tattoo shops across the country and hand selected to ensure you get the best work.

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Carl Martello

Fibroblast skin tightening! Call shop to book a consultation with Jennifer! Jennifer Marie Sarli
- no incisions 
-no stitches 
- no bruising 
- less expensive than a face lift!
-8 days of healing
Ink couture artist JAYVO : @jayvoscott . Will be with us this week and has a few spots open! Call shop to book! 718-966-1600


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It was a pleasure working with him. Great guy, amazing artist, awesome personality!

Rose coverup by Ink Couture artist JAYVO; @jayvoscott . Call shop to book! He has a few openings next week! 718-966-1600


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Incredible 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Custom by Ink Couture artist JAYVO: @jayvoscott . Call shop to book! 718-966-1600
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