Meet Camryn

Meet Camryn, a talented tattoo apprentice hailing from New Jersey.

Camryn went to cosmetology school and became a certified permanent makeup artist prior to joining Ink Couture.

However, Camryn's true passion has always been tattoos. She has been drawn to them since a young age and loves the creative aspect of the art form.

Since December 2022, Camryn has been honing her skills as a tattoo artist through an apprenticeship under the guidance of experienced tattoo artist, Andrew. She is currently studying the stylized black and gray technique, and she is excited to continue developing her unique style.

When she's not creating beautiful tattoos, Camryn loves spending time with her cat Max and enjoying the great outdoors. She's also an avid thrifter and enjoys searching for unique finds to add to her wardrobe. Camryn is passionate about making coffee and experimenting with different brewing methods to find the perfect cup.
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