Meet Jenn

I’ve been around art my whole life, being that my parents, twin sister, grandparents, aunt, and uncle are all artists. Focused on murals, portraits and landscapes. My twin sister and I painted with our grandparents doing all the murals and foregrounds at a natural history museum in Harrisburg PA for a couple of years and also commissioned art throughout.

I got into tattooing through Chris Bucher who owns Body Mods in Sunbury Pa. He had asked me to teach art classes at the shop. Long story short, I started painting with the tattoo artists every weekend. Being that I have never tried tattooing, I was intrigued. So Chris Bucher started to apprentice me at the end of 2017 while I was still at my photography job that I was at for 12 years. I left there not too long after and have been tattooing ever since.

I really enjoy detailed realistic small tattoos, the more details I can fit in the better. Black and gray realism is my jam, also thin-lined designs, stippling, animals, and portraits. I’m sure there is more but I’m cutting it short.

Hobbies I enjoy: Nature (kayaking, hiking, exploring, animals, and traveling.)

Jenn does routine monthly guest spots at Ink Couture.
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