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Ink Couture NYC body piercers only need one shot to get it right. We hire the best licensed piercing specialists to ensure we’re the best Staten Island body piercing shop around.

We know time heals all wounds, but no one has the time for that. Clean, sterile, experienced and safe – these are the words that represent our piercing facilities and piercers, upheld within Ink Couture NYC.

The chance for infection from a piercing is likely higher than an infection from a tattoo, so we use Titanium jewelry to minimize that risk because your safety is utmost important to us as it represents the cleanliness and professionalism of our piercers.


We use the highest quality jewelry possible. Though there are many commercially used grades of the material, the only one recommended for safe use in piercing jewelry by the Association of Professional Piercers is Titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI) that is ASTM F136 compliant, which is widely used in our industry as it best meets our needs.

Because of its nickel free content, titanium rarely induces an allergic reaction in its wearers and because it is highly resistant to corrosion, it is less likely than other materials to react with body fluids.

Being a lightweight metal (around 60% the weight of stainless steel given the same volume), makes titanium quite appealing for a piece of body jewelry, especially when you are looking to wear larger sizes. Aesthetically titanium has another draw; it can be anodized in several brilliant colors.
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two for one promotion

We are running a piercing promotion – buy one piercing, get another one free! Piercings must be done on the same person, buyer must purchase second piece of jewelry.

Private Rooms Available

If you need privacy for your piercing needs, we offer a private VIP room where you can get your piercing anywhere you like.
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