Meet Tom Cala

Meet Tom Cala, an up and coming tattoo artist at Ink Couture honing is craft

After studying animation at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, he worked as an animator for two years before transitioning to freelance illustration and character design. He built a successful career in these fields for five years before pursuing his true passion for tattoos.

Tom always had an interest in tattoos and learning the art of tattooing. His first tattoo was done by Syxx at Ink Couture! Now, he is fully immersed in his apprenticeship, learning a little bit of everything and striving to become a jack of all trades in the tattoo world.

When Tom isn't creating incredible tattoos, he enjoys working out, playing video games, and watching wrestling. He is always looking for new ways to expand his artistic repertoire, including mastering black and white realism and branching out into other styles.
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