Meet Peter Triolo

Peter Triolo, a young upcoming tattooist at Ink Couture, began his endeavor into art as a child who aspired to become a cartoonist. He especially loved drawing comics of the Simpsons.

Into his teens, he began challenging himself to draw realism and to try and replicate images detail for detail. His love for tattoos came later in life at 19 when coming across a realism tattoo that had more detail than he though was possible for human skin.

With a new found passion for tattooing, he decided to dedicate much of his time to learning this new art form. After spending about two years drawing and practicing tattooing on fake skin, he was able to land an apprenticeship at Ink Couture.

Here he was able to sharpen his art skills and learn tattooing under world renowned artists with years or even decades of experience. Today, Peter focuses on black and grey realism and fine line illustration tattoos.
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