About our tattoos

At Ink Couture NYC, we have gathered some of the best tattoo artists throughout the United States and relocated them to our tattoo parlor in Staten Island. When you choose Ink Couture NYC for your tattoo, know that you are being serviced by the best. We will match you with one of our artists that is best suited to your desire of tattoo. So if you are looking to have a portrait tattoo, then we have the right tattoo artist for the job. We don’t do an assembly line where the first available artist gets the next customer. We ensure a personalized service where the artist is matched to the customer.

When you’re matched with the right tattoo artist, sit down and relax in the black leather seat within an open space that’s fresh, ciche, and clean. Enjoy our complimentary bottle service  (water, Red Bull, or coffee) and our entertainment services (Netflix, iTunes, TV, Music) while you get your tattoo.

After your tattoo is done and you’re happily on your way, we’ll give you a call in the near future as a follow up to make sure everything is good and that you’re happy with your tattoo.

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